Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Simple things

Any one that knows our family is always stating that we should have our own show.  Personally I don’t think our life is as interesting or hilarious as it may seem to others.  But at least once a day we reminiscing about something one of us did and how hilarious it was.  What amazes most is what the kids remember or what the favorite memory is.  It’s not the big fancy vacations or the days where we spend tons of money on who know what?  All if my kid’s favorite memory is MOVIE NIGHT. And I am not talking about going out to the movies either.  Our movie night consist of pizza or chicken wings, bowl of popcorn and 1-2 family friendly movies.  We have a set standard; we do this every Friday night. Maybe it’s the constancy, maybe its just being together.  Whatever it is, it has become the most memorable event!


Lesson Learned:

Sometimes the SIMPLE things are much more important than the expensive ones!

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