Thursday, September 13, 2012

Special Ones

Children can teach us so much, if we just take the time to listen and observe.  My husband and I have always considered our children special and we always felt that we have been blessed by those from up above.  I never knew how special until DS2 changed my view on being kind to others with one simple conversation.


One day while discussing with my sons, who would we invite to their birthday party.  DS2 made it a point to say:  I want to invite Damien.  I said Ok.  DS2 kept insisting I want to invite Damien first before we give the invitations to anyone else.  Why, I asked. DS2  looked at me and said:

Mom, everybody teases and picks on him all the time.  I want to invite him first, so that everyone will know that I think he is cool!  Then everybody will know that he was the first picked.


Lesson Learned:

It is way cooler to go against the crowd, and then flow with it.

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