Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What we need

I got the most amazing lesson the other day.. No matter what your kids are going to think  that you are great and perfect at least until they become teenagers.  However, they come back around once they reach adulthood.
We just happened to get very lucky with someone giving us a piano.  DS#3 is quite the entertainer and can play music by ear.  Now I wanted a piano because I felt that it was the next best transition for him.  I never knew in a million years that he has been making this his secret birthday wish for the last 4 years (yep, since he was 3). Being blessed and scoring this piano exactly four days prior to his 8th birthday, made DH and me the best parents ever.    Our children teach us to listen to our hearts and in the quiet still moments, they tell us exactly what they need.  Maybe if we all took the time to slow down, look around and breathe, we would understand that Children teach us that what they want most is for us to just be there silent and strong.  In end we always get what we need.  

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