Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Broke but looking good.

So this week has been challenging to say the least.  Both DD's that were not at home are now at home and unemployed.  DD#2 received her second to last pay.  Now any rational adult will think to save the money as they have no idea where the next dollar is coming from.  Not my DD's.  The first thing she did was run out and get her nails done.After what seemed like hours of talking about saving and not spending money on frivolous things, she looked at me and said but don't they look pretty?  Oh the joys of being young and irresponsible  but wait my children are not irresponsible!   They came home to get back on track, to change their lives to start fresh, so why was I so upset over $10.00 nails.  It took me about two days to realize I wasn't upset over the fact that she did something for her self that made her happy.  I was jealous.  Focused on family and getting out of debt, I have forgotten how to treat myself.  To reward myself for all the hard work.  And that my friends is what's important.  Do something for your self.  Take the time to honor yourself.    
We haven't lost site of our goals and we are still being responsible but  getting your nails done, buying a book, enjoying a Starbucks coffee, isn't going to deter you from your path.  If anything it will energize you to push  harder to achieve your goals and hey your nails will look good while doing it.

Lesson Learned:  NO matter the struggle, take the time to treat yourself.  It helps you to maintain focus.

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